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About Jeff:

My name is Jeff Corry candidate for Iron County School Board Distric #3. Born and raised in Cedar City, Utah. I am a graduate of Cedar High school and earned two Bachelor Degree’s at SUSC (now SUU), one in History and one in German. Received a Master of Education Degree from Utah State University. Married Julia Anne Nielson in 1978. We are parents of six children and grandparents to eighteen grandchildren. I taught high school for 43 years; first ten years at Union High in Roosevelt, Utah and the last 33 years at Cedar High School.

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Interests and Involvement

I am passionate about protecting, preserving and with respect to secondary education “restoring” classroom instruction time. I have worked with thousands of secondary students through the years and numerous Sterling Scholars.

As a member of the school board I will work to keep as many decisions as possible at the local level and will work with the parents and students of the Iron County School District to be able to share their voice in material decisions of the district.

Our youth have great potential and deserve the absolute best. I pledge to do my utmost to deliver and ask for your support.


Thank you for your support!

Steve & Mary Ann Steffenson
Harold & Diane Shirley
Don & Heidi Oswald
Roger & Jane Halladay
Garth & Wendy Green
Hal & Joyce Slack
Tyler & Amy Garfield
Bruce & Shannon Passey As a parent of four students who had the privilege of being taught by Herr Corry, it has been my experience that he always puts the students first. This who we need on the school board
Alma Adams "Jeff is the individual we need in this position"
Mike & Amy Bleak
Paul & Mary Cozzens I highly endorse Jeff Corry for Iron County School Board. Three of my five kids had the opportunity of having Mr. Corry as a teacher at CHS. If you were to ask any former students of Herr Corry what their thoughts were on him as a teacher, I believe it would be a resounding "what an awesome man".

Jeff has shown throughout the years his dedication to students at CHS and now that he has retired this would give all of us a way for him to once again be involved in the education of students in the Iron County School District.

Jeff will provide the insight and knowledge of an educator as well as a father and his abilities would be a great asset to Iron County.

Matt & Marilyn Wood
Cleave Weaver
Don Marchant "A good man from the git go. He'll make a very positive impact on the School board. Vote for HERR CORRY"
Kim & Margo Matheson
Brent & Evelyn Drew
Steve & Lennette Werber
Terry & Valeni Witbeck
Jennifer Davis
Mike & TaMera Henderson
Mike & Sheryl Stratton
Terry Blodgett Hi Jeff, we're voting for you, cause you are the man to get the job done right!
Robert & Merrillee Chamberlain
Mike Turnbaugh
Ven Stratton
Danna Day
Ladd Brindley
Shalon & Neil Shaver
Anthony Kociela
Brian & Jan Maxfield
Damon Day
Nicholas Wiilis
Melody Farnsworth
Norm & Daria Forbush
Tim & Shirley Wilson
Karla Reynolds
Julia Corry When I was in school as a young girl I use to day dream somewhat in elementary school. Oops! Anyway, I would imagine marrying a professor. Guess what I did. I married one! Jeffrey Decker Corry.

He taught History and German in Union High School for about 10 years, and then we moved to Cedar City in 1985 and he taught German and was a Adjunct Professor of German for many years through SUU, After taking his required course in the summer of 1988, also taught Driver's Education at Cedar High School, retiring after 43 years of teaching.

He is running for school board and as his wife of almost 42 years, I am supporting his decision to do so. He made school class time an adventure for his students who learned quickly with his style of engaging them in fun activities, while teaching the language of Germany. My vote is for Jeff Corry for School Board. Please vote in November 2020.☺️

Brenda Webster
Mary Ann Goodall
Margaret Murray Mowry
Sandy Webster
Colton Benson Experience matters. Jeff Corry is the man for the job. He has my vote.

the man has been a top level educator in iron county longer than I’ve been alive! If he’s not qualified for this position, no one is.

Sary Bitsoie
Kimberly Sauceda
Holly Adams
Clay & Melissa Carter
Cloyd & Lynn Stratton
Jonathan & Judy Allen
Preston Davis
Caroll Allred
Glen & Linda Cox
Brad Cozzens
Lynell Shepherd
Alexis Kanosh
Kim Cleaner
Colleen Rogers
Kirby Jake
Jacqueline Spute-Isaac
Bettie Begaye
Rose Black
Jerad & Rachel Ciarus
Gari P.Lafferty

Thank you for your support!

Steve & Jill Shirts
Marsha Perkins
Steve & Sybil Corry
Brad & Elisabeth Green A celebrated Cedar High German teacher, the man who showed teenagers that education is fun and valuable for life.

We all want teachers who love teaching and inspire our kids. Jeff is one such teacher. He understands what it takes to be a successful teacher and how schools need to work to be successful.

Iron County School District needs people like Jeff Corry ensuring the educational system is focused on education. He has my full support.

Michael & Ann Clark
David & Jana Lee Benson 30 + years as a well respected and liked and effective teacher at CHS. Students loved him, they say Jeff was a great teacher who also pushed them to actually learn and grow, He is the best teacher I ever worked with, he had those kids in the palm of his hand, taught em accountability when they ended up with the grade they earned, nothing more, nothing less. We would be so blessed to have him on our board, he’s got my vote for sure!
Linford Nelson
Karen Ence
Chris & Beth Stephenson
Ray & Karen Bennett
Ranae Pete
Robert Kitras Herr Corry you have my full support
Steve & Maria Engst
Tim & Marureen Eindfeldt & Family
Joe & Leslie Nielson
Gene & Lenora Roundy
Don & Mona Covington
Lisa Stewart
Rex & Lucy Day
Del Schlosser
Roice & Andrea Nelson
Caleb Passey
Suzie Palladino
Tony & Cheryl Loveless
John & Sherry Allred
Jakob Passey The purpose of school is to prepare us for life. In many respects, I feel as if my High School Education prepared me well for my university and work life; however, in some aspects it did not.

I think it's important to begin teaching our children life lessons in Middle and High School. I agree with Jeff Corry that XLT and Late Start Wednesday are not helping our children prepare for life.

Example 1 :
If I miss a lecture, I'm expected to learn the material on my own time. The professor doesn't stop the progression of the rest of the class to re-teach me the lecture on another day.

Example 2:
This is the same for the workplace. Employers will not give our children a "free hour" during the work week to remediate their work if they fall behind, they will either sink or swim. Excel and get things done or get fired.

I don't think it is doing students any good to get them in the mentality that they never have to do work outside of "school hours" or that they never have to make up classes they missed on their own time. This will make it much harder for them to adapt to University and Work life.

I fully endorse Jeff Corry for Iron County School Board.

Jeremy Snow
Matt & Leah Knowles
Kalub Spendlove
Wiliam Pressgrove
Gary Holyoak
Josiah Pete
Lionel OldElk
Leigh Ann OldElk
Shandon Pete
Francine Little
Tink Holyoak
Brian Houser
Arlo & Darlene Larsen
Ronald Passey
John Black Jeff...... you have 100% off my support. Contact me and let me know what I can do.
Jaren Forsyth Jeff Corry is a great man and will do a great job!
Lin Drake
Gordon & Elizabeth Clemmer
Joe Atkins
Kyle Stubbs
Lisa Bohne Davis
Noalani OlElk
Daidrian OlElk
Richard & Lynnette Roundy
Lahoma Lee
Julie Stratton Foster
Ellen Jolley Urie
Daytona Ciarus
Jordan Ogden Wow. Ausgezeichnet! Some of my best memories of high school were made in that classroom. He will forever be a legend. Elf twölf böse wolf! Und Schieben sie den wagen, ziehen sie den wagen. There aren't enough great things to say about him. 👏👏👏

I wholdheartedly support his campaign, no one could be better for the Iron County School Board.

Dakota Marchant
Delores Houchen
Abbi Wall
Flora Bohne
Dianne Davis
Rose Anne Slack
Matt Munson

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Joe & Susan Baker
Mitch & Jana Dettamanti
Frank & Celeste Nichols
Gary & Julie Whicker
Tom Braun
David & Kristina McGuire
Maurice Munford
Mike & Tausha Haight
Karsten & Christine Reed
Williard R. Bishop
Kim Corry
Ben Batty
Bryan Werber
Alan & Gail Crawford
David Kunzler One of the Legendary Teachers at Cedar High. I will vote for you my friend.
Taniah Henrie
Greg & Wendy Coulter
Tim & Sheryl Lewis
Tiarrah Sims
Robert Ennis
Nicole Williams Courter I love Herr Corry so much. He made high school bearable and taught us all how to drive well! I still think of him often and can hear him say, 'guten tag fraulein' every morning! Such an amazing man. I wish all teachers were like him! I would absolutely support him in his campaign.
Carl Johnson
Gale & Lana Roberts
Robert & Jaine Crane
Chris Quick
Brandon & Alaina Payne
Nannette Batty
Jaesen Shepherd
Kent Holyoak
Stephanie Ward
Kimball & Janet Weaver
TreVaugh Shepherd
Stephanie Shirts
Dale Brinkerhoff
Kelly Jordan Without a doubt the most qualified candidate in District 3. 43 years as an educator versus zero for his opponent. With the state of the current school board we need a person who can hit the ground running and bring immediate results.
Kaylor Sanders
Val & Jay Davis
Bradley Shirts
Vanessa Stratton
Larry Hatch
Dave & Emmalee Rush
Dallin Benson
Alley Begaye
Tara Marlowe
Dan & Monica Maruyama
Chase Holyoak
Blaine Nay As currently constituted, this school board doesn't care what the commoners think. It desperately needs new blood -- new blood that won't perpetuate the status quo. Jeff Corry and Dave Staheli are the right people for the job.
Alicia Winterton Bird I had him for 11th grade U.S. Constitution class in 1983. To this day that was my favorite class of all time. I memorized the constitution for his test. It was the hardest I’ve ever worked for a grade but I it was Mr. Cory‘s class, and I loved him, and I would have been so embarrassed if I failed! He probably doesn’t remember me because I was quiet and sat in the back, but he was my favorite teacher of ALL the teachers I had at Union high school in Roosevelt, Utah. He made going to school worthwhile
Kay Davis
Clint & Julie Kelly
Mike & Emily Green
Liz Corry Sampson Well here I am again. I am Jeff’s younger sister Liz. Seriously besides the fact that Jeff has experience, he also does what he says he will do. He is a hard worker in that he sets goals and achieves them. His enthusiasm for the issues at hand will never die. Finally the honesty that he reflects in everything that he will do is impeccable. I was raised with Jeff and there is no better person than Jeff to serve on the school board.
Sue & Dan Serder
Debra Ley
Tonya Tom Petty
Luke & Alicia Payne
Sherrin Benson McHenry You've got my support and vote, good luck!!😎☝🏻
Alan & Valerie Beckstead Wade
Amber Dalton
Tammi Poulos
Beverly Spendlove
Tyler Ciarus

My Issues

Instruction Time

Students miss 490 hours of general instruction time over a four year period, at Cedar High School, because of Late Start Wednesdays and XLTs (advisory period). This is after 45 minutes a week have been taken out for assemblies etc! This is based on 32 weeks a year. We short-changed our kids!

No amount of collaboration, faculty meetings, department meetings, etc. can make up for the face-to-face instruction time that has been taken from our precious youth. I taught for 39 years without late start and 4 years with it.

I know that collaboration, meetings, intervention and such, can be done at other times; because we did it! I will work to see this secondary teaching time restored.

Local Decision Making

A firm believer in the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, I will work to keep as many decisions regarding education at the

I was born and raised in Iron County and know the values upon which this county was built.

I will work to preserve and enhance the values of hard work, integrity and transparency in this district.

Our youth are the best and they deserve the best. A vote for Jeff Corry is a vote for local values in education.

Public Input

I have been attending the regular 4:00 PM School Board Meeting since January 2019. The Public Input section used to be a regular part of the meeting. For the last few months the public Input section has not been held.

I propose that public input be reinstitued immediately. We need to hear from those that the board represents. Civility and decorum must be expectations during public input.

I am definitely in favor of moving the board meeting to a time more convenient for the public. Working parents should be able to attend Public School Board Meetings.